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About the Jordan VTC

The Vocational Training Corporation was established pursuant to the temporary Law number (35) for the year 1976, and currently function in accordance with Law number (11) for the year 1985 (The Vocational Training Corporation Law) and its amendments for the year 2001, and Law number (27) for the year 1999 (Vocational Labor Regulatory Law), through which the Corporation works on regulating vocational labor in the Jordanian labor market.

The Jordan Vocational Training Corporation (VTC) performs the following tasks:

  • Providing vocational training opportunities to prepare the technical workforce and raising its level of efficiency in the various non-academic vocational training levels and specializations, and working on diversifying vocational training, inclusive of:
  1. Vocational apprenticeship that allows the young and adults to undertake long-term organized training.
  2. The training of institutions’ employees in specialized training centers and in their work locations in order to raise their level of efficiency.
  3. Extensive and speedy training for various professions.
  4. Training in the fields of occupational safety and health.
  • Providing supporting guidance services for the establishment and development of small and medium enterprises.
  • Regulating the practice of vocational labor by classifying work locales and workers therein.

More information is available about the Jordan VTC and its history and overall task at the Jordan VTC website.